Center for conflict studies and reduction of armed conflicts


Center for conflict studies that aims at reducing armed conflicts and its impact on individuals and communities through the production and provision of knowledge and secured information.

Location: Bogotá Colombia

Function / Working area

The institution conducts and publishes research that aims at detecting the reasons and dimensions of armed violence and conflicts. This happens against the background of three central concerns: incorporation of programs for the reduction of violence in the public agenda; improvement of already existing programs; contribution to the design and evaluation of public measures that lead to the reduction of violence.
Currently, the institution has 5 research areas:
– Conflict analysis and political violence
– Measurement of violence and conflicts
– Armed violence and development
– Transition processes and overcoming of conflicts
– Companies and human rights

Interns can collaborate in all research areas.


The internship is geared towards students of careers like political science, sociology, peace/conflict studies, but also towards students with a background in statistics, mathematics, philology (translations) or communication. Interns will get a remuneration of approx. 250 € (USD 275) per month.

Work Areas Categories

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies