Organization for LGBT rights in Colombia


Colombian organization engaged in the struggle for the rights of the LGBT community (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Trans) in Colombia.

Location: Bogotá Colombia

Function / Working area

The organization basically works in four areas:
1. Human rights: annual report on the conditions of the LGBT community in Colombian society; includes reports on homicide, threat, pamphlets.
2. nationwide legal assistance on adoptions, marriage, discrimination…
3. Dialogue with society: collaboration with public and private entities, e.g. schools; workshops for teachers, policemen etc. considering normative questions.
4. Public relations: communication campaigns, visibility, campaigns in social networks, media analysis, press review.
More fields of work for interns: Fundraising, project management, international cooperation. The organization cooperates with international partners, e.g. the UN and OAS (Organization of American States) and participates in international conventions.



The internship is geared towards students of political science, anthropology, sociology, law, communication and media. Spanish skills are required.

Work Areas Categories

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Journalism / Media
Marketing / Publicity / Public Relations / Communication