Work with vulnerable children and adolescents in the Cauca region


Organization in the Cauca region that works with vulnerable children and adolescents.

Location: Cauca Colombia

Function / Working area

Children and adolescents who are in situations of vulnerability because of crime, violence, violation of human rights or unemployment are the direct beneficiaries of the projects and programs of this organization. The organization promotes and develops processes for the transformation and development of local communities with the guiding idea of popular education and active non-violence. The main focus lies on the creation of space for education, culture and recreation and on the support of dialogue and peaceful conflict resolution. The preventive programs of the organization are geared towards drug prevention, prevention of early pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases as well as the prevention of the entrance of children and adolescents into armed groups.



The internship is geared towards students of pedagogy, social work, social science and similar careers. It’s also especially geared towards young people with good English skills and persons with research background.

Work Areas Categories

Social Work / Education / Psychology
Education / Teaching
Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies