Social programs with adolescents and vulnerable communities for a peaceful civil society


Organization that conducts social programs for the development of a peaceful civil society. Cooperation with adolescents and vulnerable communities. The Organization resides in a beautiful part of the Cauca Valley, the “coffee capital of Colombia”, three hours from the regional capital Cali.

Location: Colombia Valle de Cauca

Function / Working area

The main focus of the organization lies on the work with women and adolescents, running programs on identity, culture and social leadership. The goal is to strengthen human rights and the participation of adolescents in the society and to support an active culture of peace.
An internship is possible in these four areas:
– School for democracy and peace; training of tutors in topics like human rights, conflict resolution and psychosocial attendance
– Youth network for the training and strengthening of young persons with social leadership abilities.
– Women’s network for the strengthening of female participation in social development processes
– Communication and media (Radio, Web etc.) as a strengthening tool for local communities



The internship is geared towards students of social science, psychology, pedagogy, social work and similar careers. It is especially open for women who want to collaborate with the women’s network in Sevilla and for students who want to work with adolescents. The internship is also geared towards students of communication, media and journalism.

Work Areas Categories

Social Work / Education / Psychology
Education / Teaching
Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Journalism / Media
Marketing / Publicity / Public Relations / Communication