Rural school near Bogotá


Rural school near Bogotá. The institution educates basically young children from 2 to 5, but also primary school children, 6 years and older. The school is situated on a beautiful spacious estate with ample green areas, fruit trees, a farm and gardening. The educational style is characterised by an in-depth personal assistance, fostering individual faculties as well as values and studiousness in a dynamic and playful way.

Location: Colombia Cundinamarca

Function / Working area

Interns take part in a cultural exchange that includes transfer of knowledge on history, geography, tradition and costumes of their country of origin. They teach languages, first and foremost English, but also possibly German, Danish or other languages, against the background that children of the mentioned age learn with great capability. Interns are seen as a massive enrichment. Their teaching is meant to be dynamic and entertaining, so that children and interns can have a great time together.



The school is open to any possible knowledge interns will bring. Ideally they like to work with children and have knowledge of any other language than Spanish. English and Spanish skills would be a plus. The internship is geared towards creative and dynamic persons, being well versed in arts, music, dance and painting, and with an interest in learning Spanish to practice and improve in the academic daily routine. The school year begins in February, so this month would be a good start fort he internship. Interns can teach in the morning and afternoon lessons, or choose just one of the shifts. The minimum stay is six months.


Education / Teaching