NGO for reconciliation and forgiveness between conflicting parties in Colombia


NGO for the reconciliation and forgiveness between conflicting parties in Colombia. The organization runs a nationwide network of places for encounter. The training of „multiplicators“ in districts, municipalities, work places, schools and families shall lead to a climate of reconciliation and peaceful encounter.

Location: Bogotá Colombia

Function / Working area

The NGO’s work consists in five programs:
1. local places of encounter, promoting a culture of words and memory;
victims of violence can deal with their pain and “go back to normal”
2. pedagogy of reconciliation
– learning emotional awareness in the face of oneself and others
– peaceful conflict resolution, strengthening of capabilities like cooperation, solidarity and emotional intelligence
3. places of encounter in zones affected by poverty and conflicts;
promotion of Inclusion, cooperation and participation as strategies for a peaceful society. Inclusion of former participants in armed conflicts, displaced persons and children, adolescents and women affected by violence
4. “Emotional alphabetization”
– reading and writing about anger and fear
– handling feelings in areas with high rates of illiteracy
– preventing violence through a psychical and affective recovery
– strengthening of communication skills
5. network for youth encounters;
local meeting places for dialogue and peaceful handling of conflicts. Adolescents as agents for changes in society.



The internship is foremost geared towards students of psychology, education, social work and social sciences. Spanish skills are required.

Work Areas Categories

Social Work / Education / Psychology
Education / Teaching
Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies