Environmental and pedagogical projects in a nature reserve


Environmental and pedagogical projects in a nature reserve, about one hour from Bogotá. The area is situated on 3,000 a.s.l. in a beautiful and green mountain range with many options for outdoor activities.

Location: Colombia Cundinamarca

Function / Working area

Volunteers can join the different projects in the nature reserve:
– Maintenance of three natural water basins
– Reforestation in collaboration with local residents
– Diminution of the negative impact cattle-breeding has on the local environment
– gathering of information on the use of the local natural water resources
– Workshops on the local water resources and their use
– Inventory of the local flora in collaboration with residents
– Documentation of the work with pictures and reports
In addition, volunteers for English and Computer classes are needed. These are the tasks:
– Improvement of the English and Computer skills of the nature reserve’s residents
– Coaching for pupil of the local village school
– What’s more, volunteers can give music and arts classes, according to their skills



The minimum duration is three months. English skills are needed, Spanish skills are a plus. The projects are geared towards persons with knowledge in biology and/or botany, also towards persons with a pedagogical background.

Work Areas Categories

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Education / Teaching