Colombian Organization for environmental education


Colombian Organization for environmental education. Its mission is to lead children and young persons to nature and foster their environmental awareness.

Location: Bogotá Colombia

Function / Working area

The organization conducts five programs:
* Outdoor education for schools and other institutions as supporting additional offers besides the formal educational processes.
* Fokus on environment in the action of communities – consolidation of children’s and young person’s capacity to act and interact through the stay in nature. Strengthening of environmental awareness in actions, training for agents of change in the communities.
* Expeditions and technical courses – the participants are led to nature through collective adventure experiences and learn about different techniques of living and travelling in the open.
* Communication for environment protection – consolidation of the individual environmental awareness.
* First Aid – Training for persons who are regularly far away from medical infrastructure, e.g. as group leaders or practicing adventure sports in nature.
What’s more there is a range of different vacation courses in Colombia and other Latin-American countries for children and young persons.



Interns are especially needed from these careers: communication (digital storytelling, social media, website), pedagogy, teaching, life sciences, business administration.

Work Areas Categories

Education / Teaching
Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Marketing / Publicity / Public Relations / Communication