Consultancy for human rights and displaced persons


Consultancy for human rights and displacement. The institute works for the integral validity of the human rights of displaced persons, refugees and migrants and campaigns for the democratic creation of peace, justice, social equity as means to avoid uprooting, exile and deprivation of elemental rights and needs.

Location: Bogotá Colombia

Function / Working area

Interns can collaborate in the following areas:
1. Restitution of land and land titles
2. Collective ethnical reparation
3. Escape and migration
4. Communication
5. Public policy
Interns collaborate in research and analysis.


Interns should have an interest in land reform, human rights, exile and international protection, social rights, cultural rights, justice, public policies and peace and bring some knowledge of the Colombian context. The internship is geared towards students of the following careers: law, economy, political science, anthropology, sociology, social communication / journalism, international relations and geography. Interns should have good Spanish skills and possess an international health insurance valid in Colombia. The internship is unpaid, the minimum duration is three months.

Work Areas Categories

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Economy: International