Feminist organization for human rights and democratic, fair and equal societies


Feminist organization for human rights and the construction of democratic, fair, equal and sustainable societies.

Location: Bogotá Colombia Nariño Santa Marta Valle de Cauca Valledupar Vichada

Function / Working area

The organization has three thematic core areas:
– Feminism and construction of peace
Analysis of all forms of discrimination and violence, for the construction of a sustainable and ongoing peace, viewed from a position of feminism, active nonviolence and human rights.
– Life Economy
Promotion and protection of economic autonomy from a feminist perspective.
– Institutional Management
Design and impulse of self-sustainable financial strategies, development of management and self-management strategies in order to appear stronger and more visible in the political landscape.

Interns can collaborate in all areas. What’s more, interns are needed in the communication area in order to strengthen the communication strategy and the commercialization of the products from the organization’s productive projects. Interns are also needed for the monitoring systems and project evaluation based on the change theory.



The internship is geared towards students of many different careers and topics like economy, law, political science, pedagogy, psychology, communication and life sciences. The minimum duration for this internship is three months.

Work Areas Categories

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Economy: International
Social Work / Education / Psychology
Development Cooperation
Education / Teaching
Marketing / Publicity / Public Relations / Communication