Women’s Cultural Center


Cultural Center for women

Location: Cali Colombia

Function / Working area

The foundation, created in 1976, is a NGO that contributes to the promotion of social protection from a gender perspective. The NGO promotes and supports women by strengthening their self-esteem, their rights, their social and their communitarian participation. To that end, the organization sets up many diverse activities and workshops which are offered both to women and children. For example, they provide art or theater workshops and invite to workshops about spirituality, human rights, peace or arts and crafts. They equally have a public library with an extensive collection that also offers literature courses and that has each month a reading circle.



The intern should have a grand interest in the promotion of women’s rights. Preferably a woman, the intern should have studied in the field of social sciences such as law, psychology, political science or sociology. The intern could also support the work with children for which studies in art and/or music are also desirable. The intern should be willing to contribute to the organization’s communitarian work. It is required that the intern has a good level of Spanish, both in speaking and writing.

Work Areas Categories

Social Work / Education / Psychology
Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies