Job market research institution and training center for union leaders


Job market research institution and training center for union leaders. The institution works for the construction of a democratic and participative society and for the democratization of the Colombian working environment out of a pluralistic, nonpartisan and autonomous perspective, elaborating studies on the Colombian job market and the working conditions of the wage-related employed in Colombia.

Location: Colombia Medellin

Function / Working area

Interns will work in the research area. The tasks include:
1. Research on companies, industrial sectors and trade relations
2. Support in the update and systematization of data bases and the tabulation of surveys which the institution conducts with jobholders of different industries
3. Collaboration in research: elaboration of analysis and reports, organization of Organisation von labor law-related events
4. For interns in the communication / graphic design area: elaboration of communication strategies for a better communication of information and study results to a broad audience; elaboration of dynamic presentations, information graphics etc.



The minimum time duration of this internship is of four months. It is geared towards students of sociology, political science, social work and anthropology. For internships in the news and information area, students of communication studies and graphic design are needed.

Work Areas Categories

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Social Work / Education / Psychology
Marketing / Publicity / Public Relations / Communication
Arts and Design
Economy: International