Organization for the strengthening of participatory democracy, human rights and socio-economic development


This organization campaigns for the strengthening of the participatory democracy as well as for equal access to human rights and socio-economic development.

Location: Argentina Córdoba

Function / Working area

Interns can collaborate in the following programs:

Focus on gender equality – this program offers reflexion, capacity building and activities that lead to policies of more gender equality

Strengthening of groups and organizations of the popular sector – technical advice for formal and informal groups and organizations from vulnerable areas of society on a special range of topics that contain serious deficits regarding social, cultural, economic and ecological rights, which in turn have a negative impact on society’s development and inclusion

Social production of habitat – capacity building and technical support for families with or without own parcels of land; participative planning with attention to die constructional, social, juridical, administrative and economical aspects of the construction of living space

Protection of children’s and teenager’s rights – direct work with youth groups; strengthening of youth organizations, training activities, support in the implementation of projects with the active participation of the youngsters

Social economy – empowerment of society’s most vulnerable sectors in order to generate income, which leads to emancipation and economical strengthening and therefore to an active and constitutive role in society

Consultancy and training for technical teams – capacity building for technical staff and teams of private and public entities and/or for persons that work with problems of urban living space, childhood and adolescence, social economy and the local and common development

Research and proposals for social policies – research and analysis regarding poverty and social policy.



This internship is geared towards students of Architecture, Social Work, Social Psychology, Communication, Law and Sociology. Good Spanish skills are necessary in order to be able to collaborate effectively with the different teams.

Work Areas Categories

Politics / Human Rights / Indigenous Societies
Social Work / Education / Psychology