Environmental consulting for companies


Environmental consulting for companies. The organization participates in the worldwide reforestation initiative of the United Nations, in order to attenuate the consequences of the climate change.

Location: Bogotá Colombia

Function / Working area

Desk work in the headquarter in Bogotá. Outdoor missions are spontaneously possible in the rain period. Consultancy for companies to obtain UN CO₂ certificates. Elaboration of environmental impact studies on the production of single companies. The organization conducts projects in collaboration with local communities in four different zones and ecosystems of Colombia, from the coast to the high mountains and cloud forests. Collaboration with indigenous communities, peasants and Negro Communities, amongst others.



The internship is especially geared towards professionals from the areas forestry, environmental science, ecology, biology, agronomy, economy and business administration. The organization pays travel expenses and accommodation in the locations of the outdoor missions.

Work Areas Categories

Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Economy: Consulting / Finance / Controlling
Agriculture / Agronomy


United Kingdom

Andrew Williams


The company with which I worked is doing very innovative work to help restore and protect the environment, which interested me greatly, so I felt my placement was very well suited to my needs. The director and the staff at the company were all extremely friendly, welcoming and helpful, which also made my experience very enjoyable. While I was with the company I got to experience a variety of tasks including administration, translation and fieldwork which were all felt useful and worthwhile for me and the company, so I would say I am very satisfied with my placement.

Inside Colombia is cheap and easy, and happy just to help me find a company to work for. I also thought the staff was very friendly and helpful and I appreciated very much that on my first day I was accompanied by one of your employees who spoke English and Spanish and was very friendly. I already recommended Inside Colombia to other people.


Nadine Risel


What I like most about Colombia are the people (they are much more open than in Germany), the music, dancing, the landscape and the food. What I liked most about my internship was that I was welcomed with open arms and treated like a member of the team.

What I really liked about Inside Colombia is the fact that their service is very reasonably priced in comparison with other providers. Generally I was very pleased with the service of Inside Colombia.