Agricultural development projects in the northern highlands of Peru


NGO for local and regional development with a focus on agricultural topics in the northern highlands of Peru.

Location: Cajamarca Peru

Function / Working area

The NGO gives advice to public and private entities in projects and programs for integral development and supports local peasants.
Interns can collaborate in the current projects:
– Capacity Building for female family heads in topics of agricultural production
– Advice in dairy farming
– Growth of agricultural production and Capacity Building for peasants
Typical tasks for interns in one of the NGO’s projects:
– Hygiene control in the cheese production
– Compliance with hygiene and quality standards in the production of dairy products
– storage and selling process of dairy products
– Veterinarian tasks



The internship is geared towards students of agronomy, veterinary medicine, life sciences and biology.

Work Areas Categories

Agriculture/ Agronomy
Environment / Biology / Geography / Forestry
Development Cooperation
Medicine / Health Sector