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If you want to discover the maximum diversity of Latin America in one single journey Mexico gives you this opportunity. Every year, millions of tourists visit the country and are deeply impressed even after only one week. Now imagine you had the opportunity to stay for months in this wonderful country, doing an internship, volunteering or studying. All you could discover in this time! The possibilities are as eclectic and inexhaustible as the landscapes and beaches of Mexico – 9,000 km of coastline are waiting to be discovered by you.

Now add to this the unbelievable rich tradition and culture of Mexico which won’t fail to impress you with archaeological sites of the Maya, Aztecs and Toltecas. Apart from its gastronomy and colonial architecture this country is marked by its ancestral indigenous traditions, visible in countless ceremonies and celebrations where you can experience the hospitality, the enthusiasm and the lust for life of the Mexicans who truly know how to add a special shine to every celebration.

Mexico City, one of the biggest cities in the world, is full of hustle and bustle. Over the years, the capital has clearly improved and is not least of great interest for tourists, with its more than 100 museums, showing collections of Aztec relics, historical baroque and neoclasssical works, and with a famous historic centre which adds to the fact that visitors immerse in lightning-speed in the lush beauty of the Mexican culture.

Do you want to discover Latin America and gain important experience? For your stay abroad in Mexico we offer the full range of services. We organize your internship, accommodation or Spanish course according to your individual needs and make your stay in this fascinating Latin American country a true success story. Come to Mexico for an internship, a language course, a volunteer job or to study – Mexico is waiting for you!

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