Discover Chile

Chile is quickly being discovered as one of the most beautiful, interesting and sophisticated countries in South America. The 2,400 miles (4.500 km) long country is tucked in between the Pacific Ocean and the Majestic Andes mountains with impressing peaks of nearly 21,000 ft above sea level like Mt Aconcagua, the highest summit of the Americas.

This country offers a fascinating variety of landscapes and cultures: wide long beaches, the fertile central valley with its highly touted wineries, the fascinating Atacama Desert, the surprising Chilean Altiplano with its incredible variety of wildlife as Condors, Vicuñas, Vizcachas, Llamas, Foxes and lots of waterbirds including three flamingo species in the north, and the pristine green wilderness in the Chilean part of Patagonia in the south with its snow covered volcanoes, whitewater rivers, waterfalls, lakes, ancient rain forests and fjords. One can even explore the mysterious Eastern Island and the frozen Antarctic landscape.

Since returning to democracy in 1990, Chile has had a stable political system and strong economy, making it a very safe destination.

The friendly Chilean people, a mixture of mediterranean immigrants with the indigenous Mapuche of the south and the Aymara of the north are known for their hospitality.

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