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Being the eighth largest country in the world, Argentina with its 37 million inhabitants (14 million of them living in Greater Buenos Aires) offers a big diversity of different landscapes and cultures. Due to its strong European heritage many see Argentina as the perfect entrance to South America.

Many people in Argentina have Italian roots. Vibrant Buenos Aires, the capital of Tango, is often called “the Paris of South America”. The cities in the north of the country seem more colourful and chaotic – but also poorer. Córdoba (1,4 million inhabitants), the metropolis in the midland, offers plenty of culture and colonial buildings. Rosario by the Paraná river (1,2 million inhabitants) has a pleasant subtropical atmosphere and Mendoza (900,000 inhabitants), the biggest city of West Argentina, is spectacularly located at the foot of the Andes in the midst of a fantastic wine-growing area.

Argentina is a country of superlatives. The highest mountain of the American continent, the Aconcagua (6959 metres/22,837 ft), lays in the Argentinean Andes. But also the deepest point, the Laguna del Carbón (105 metres/344 ft below sea level), is located in Argentina. The Iguazú Falls in the rain forest tri-border area along the junction of Paraguay, Argentina, and Brazil belong to the most spectacular falls on the planet. Typical for Argentina are also the wide open spaces of the Pampa and the windy Patagonia at the American continent’s southern tip. We invite you to discover Argentina with us. Inside Latin America organizes your unforgettable stay in Latin America.

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